56 Artillery lane

By: Maria Ogundele | Date 30.04.2017
Exhibition '56 Artillery Lane' is currently taking place at Raven Row in East London. From now until June, it’s home to a collection of fascinating displayed works, with a diverse programme of ‘live art’ also planned at the stunning Spitalfields 18th century venue.
Ben Burgis & Ksenia Pedan Installation View OIKOS, Union Pacific, Courtesy of the artists, Union Pacific and Raven Row
'56 Artillery Lane' is being co-curated by Naomi Pearce and Amy Budd. When the pair previously worked together at Raven Row over a year ago, both held similar ideas of experimenting with ‘feminist curatorial strategies’. So, after much planning, brainstorming, borrowing and commissioning - exhibition '56 Artillery Lane' has now finally been realised.

In addition to important archive material sourced from specialist libraries, contributors or their estates - an international line-up of experts, performers and participants have also been called upon for this exhibition, where notions of ‘home’ and ‘the domestic’ are examined throughout, using material from past and present.

‘Home’ is imagined as a space for social, sexual and political agency. Love, cruelty, kinship and care are explored in ‘domestic’ contexts through ‘live art', exhibited works, performances, screenings and lectures.

The exhibition’s impressive role-call of contributors include a pornographer, choreographers, therapists, photographers, film makers, sculptors and artists. Visitors can take in live art, attend discussions, view newly commissioned films and historical documentaries. Audiences can also ingest an array of influential exhibited works and installations.We're barely scratching the surface with those listed below so do contact the venue to find out more.

Art and Installations
An emotive selection of images by photographer and activist Fiona Clark relating to her personal response to trauma have been included. Fans of Ben Burgis and Ksenia Pedan can view the magnificent installation “OIKOS, Union Pacific”. While lovers of Xerox art can view several self-examining photocopies by Barbara T. Smith.

Feminist Domesticities in Art and Art History
One of a handful of discussions taking place this month, ‘Feminist Domesticities in Art and Art History’ takes a new issue of Oxford Art Journal ‘Feminist Domesticities’ as a starting point for debate.The discussion will address how we might encounter domesticity as concept, environment and object for art while resisting its oppressive pre-eminence in the definition of femininity.

In another discussion, relationship expert Dr Meg-John Barker will focus on monogamy and non-monogamy when she explores cultural rules on relationships.

An evening of Queer and Feminist Porn
The racier side of relationships will be celebrated in the form of gay and feminist film screenings introduced by feminist pornographer Pandora Blake later this month.

Poison the Cure
A film entitled ‘Poison the Cure’ by Jenna Bliss – is one to watch out for. Examining the class, race and gender dynamics of drug use in parts of North America, the film has been specially commissioned for this exhibition.

Film: Bastion Point: Day 507
Sourced from the past, the 1980 “Bastion Point: Day 507” historic documentary, examines the savagement of communities in New Zealand as it examines the country's race relations policies.

Live Art – Professor Lucy Orta
For her live art offering - contemporary visual artist, Professor Lucy Orta’s “Modular architecture” day-long performance explores personal space and boundaries.

For dates and times of events and to reserve your place for workshops, screenings and discussions – head to http://www.ravenrow.org/current/

The exhibition closes on 11th June 2017.


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