Jeff Koons:Now

Newport Street Gallery
Until October 16
Following its inaugural exhibition, the Newport St Gallery’s latest offering is “Now” by American artist, Jeff Koons. The displayed artworks are drawn from gallery owner, Damian Hirst’s personal collection.
Three Ball 50-50 Tank (Spalding Dr. JK Silver Series) 1985 © Jeff Koons
It includes a number of exhibits that have never before been shown in the UK,
and features thirty-six diverse paintings, sculptures and other works – with several themes explored, amongst them: greed, consumerism, mass culture and beauty.

It includes items from Jeff Koons’s shiny Inflatables collection and exhibits from his 1985 Equilibrium series – which saw large transparent tanks filled with distilled water, holding several suspended basketballs. (With artwork like this – no wonder Hirst became a huge fan of Koons in the late 1980s). He went on to produce his own transparent tank artwork during 1991.

Like Hirst, Koon’s work widely divides opinion and will no doubt continue to do so.“Now” is kitsch, fascinating, sexually explicit at times and totally bonkers, but definitely worth a look. The Newport Street gallery remains open until 10pm on Saturdays during the summer months.


Newport Street Gallery, Newport Street, London SE11 6AJ
Vauxhall, Kennington
Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday & Sunday:10am-6pm & 10am-10pm,Saturday (summer only)
Entry fee:
May 18 - October 16


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